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Welcome to your quest

* * SOLD OUT * *
Due to extremely high demand we are sold out of Welsh Quest and no more Welsh Quest will be produced. For more information, please email lynne@questboardgames.co.uk.Or try the E-Quiz Book – all the same questions and answers as in the game in a downloadable format for only £5.85!

When times are tough, as indeed they are just now, gather your friends and family around the table and cosy up for a few hours of traditional fun with Welsh Quest. Together you can rediscover your Welsh roots and the family values that really matter when you play Welsh Quest. An ideal way to spend quality time together. Be Welsh and proud of it!

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Test your knowledge of everything Welsh – and learn so much more – by playing Welsh Quest. With over 2,000 Welsh multiple-choice questions in four different categories – HISTORY, LAND AND NATURE, CULTURE and MODERN – there’s so much to share and learn, and the accompanying booklet enhances the experience with further explanations for many of the more interesting and unusual answers. But beware! As you tour the country to collect the letters ‘Q U E S T’, Pwca cards may help or hinder you and you will need to earn coins to help pay your way. Click here to find out how to play.

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